Our Story

Greetings! I’m Tony Sebastiano, a Northern Ohio resident living in the scenic west end of Lake Erie. As an avid fisher, my time on the water inspired an innovative problem-solving solution for freshwater anglers everywhere – that ultimately became the “CatchCounter.”

Our “CatchCounter” device helps you keep an accurate tally of the number of fish you catch. Developed amidst the serene environment of Lake Erie, this tool aligns with conservation and sustainability principles. As we grapple with the challenges of dwindling fishery resources globally, “CatchCounter” emerges as a solution embracing a green and sustainable approach.

Around the world, the sustainability of our fish populations often rests in the hands of State or County Fisheries Commissions. They employ various strategies, from designating protected areas and seasons to enforcing catch limits to maintain the delicate balance of our aquatic ecosystems. As nations across the globe begin to understand the pressing need to manage fisheries responsibly, they are implementing stringent fishing quotas. “CatchCounter” was born out of this global imperative, providing an efficient method of tracking your catch and ensuring compliance with established limits.

To use “CatchCounter,” attach it to a suitable container, such as a cooler, icebox, livewell, or even a bucket lid. The mechanism is straightforward – drop your catch through the chute, and the device records each entry. Eliminate the challenges posed by traditional counting methods, which often involve mental tracking or manual counters.

These old-fashioned ways are prone to error, with fishers occasionally forgetting to tally their catch, potentially leading to over-catching, necessitating a detailed recount and disposal of excess fish to avoid legal repercussions. This wasteful practice is counterproductive to conservation and sustainability. “CatchCounter” simplifies this process, enhancing the fishing experience while reducing stress and the potential for error.

For charter boat captains and recreational boaters who often struggle to maintain accurate counts amidst bustling activity, “CatchCounter” is an invaluable tool. Over-catching can result in penalties ranging from fines, confiscation of equipment, and in severe cases, jail time – a testament to the serious nature of fishing regulations.

I am grateful for our customers and wish you all fantastic and responsible fishing experiences, regardless of where you cast your lines.

~ Tony Sebastiano

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship?

We ship across the continental United States. But we are happy to fulfill International orders. Please contact us to inquire about International orders.

Is local pickup available?

Yes, local pickup is available at our warehouse. However, we request you call ahead to schedule at 419-341-2070 to confirm arrival with a service representative.

Do you supply to dealers and retailers?

All items are available to Dealers at wholesale pricing (contact us with inquiries. We offer free Dealer delivery within a 100-mile radius of 43452 on orders with a minimum value of $500.00. Warehouse pickup is available with no minimum order requirements. If planning a pickup, we request you call ahead to schedule at 419-341-2070 to confirm arrival with a service representative.

What are your wholesale pricing requirements?

Wholesale quantities begin at 4 (four) units and continue in multiples of 4 (four.)

Where can I find care and installation instructions?

Care and installation instructions are available for download here.

Is the CatchCounter a patented design?

Yes! Catchcounter is a registered trademark of CatchCounter LLC — US Patent # D871244.

Can I order items online?

Yes! We are excited to offer our products for direct sale at our online shop. You can check it out here!